How do I join the Magic Pony Club?

All customers with store accounts are automatically enrolled. If you don't have one, create a Magic Pony account to join today. All points earned on purchases will be added to this account.


How do I earn Pony Points?

There are a few ways for you to stock up on some well-earned Magic Pony Points!

1. Create a Magic Pony online account
Join here and receive 1000 Pony Points FREE as a welcome bonus!

2. Make a Purchase
Receive 10 Pony Points for every $1 you spend when you spend $20 or more (excluding any shipping fees, taxes, and discounts). For example: If you purchase the Kozyndan's "We Come Together.." print for $100 you get 1000 Pony Points.

Note: Points are not earned for any shipping fees, gift cards, taxes or discounts applied.

How do I know how many points I have?

Log in to your Magic Pony account and go to the “Redeem Rewards” page which can be accessed through the Magic Pony Rewards tab located at the bottom of the page.

How can I redeem my Pony Points?

Rewards are issued as coupon codes that can be applied on the payment page during Checkout (NOTE: only one coupon may be used per order).

When do my reward points expire?

Never! You can stock up and save points to your heart’s content.

Magic Pony Rewards Club FAQs

Do reward points expire?
Never! Points do not expire.

Can points be transferred or sold?
No. Points cannot be transferred to another account or person. Points cannot be sold or traded.

Do I have to redeem all of my points at once?
You can spend or save your points as you like. Save them up for a special occasion, sale or rare item! If you have 5000 points you can redeem only 1000 and then have a remaining balance of 4000 points that you can use for another time. In fact, you can only redeem one reward per transaction.

Can points be applied retroactively?
Unfortunately we are unable to do this. This is a new Loyalty program for Magic Pony and there are some limits on what the software is capable of doing.

Is there a minimum amount that I have to spend for point redemption?
No. There is no minimum amount that you need to spend.

Can I redeem more than one reward in a single transaction?
No. You may only only redeem one reward per transaction. If you need to redeem more than one reward then you will need to do a separate transaction.

What are Bonus Points?
Sometimes we give away Bonus Points if you purchase a specific item or if you purchased during a promotional period. We may do a double bonus point promotion on certain items or for a special event. Follow us on Twitter or Instagram to find out!  

When are Bonus Points applied?
Bonus Points are not applied immediately. But it will usually be applied to your rewards account within 48 hours and we will email you when your Rewards account is updated.

Is it possible to reverse a redemption?
Unfortunately not. Once you have confirmed your redemption reward, your reward will appear and will be available in the "My Rewards" tab as well. It's not possible to reverse this action.

Where can I find my redemption codes?
Once you've made a redemption, all the reward codes are available in your "My Rewards" tab.

What is NOT eligible for points?
Points are not earned for any shipping fees, gift cards, taxes or discounts applied.

The Magic Pony Rewards program is subject to change. If you have any questions please email us at or call 416-861-1684 Tuesday - Saturday 11-6pm EST.

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