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Get Creative at Magic Pony!
Since Magic Pony first opened our doors, we've been passionate about sharing our love for creating. Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Workshops have been a long-standing tradition at Magic Pony - our first party dates back to 2005 with our DIY Jellyfish Workshop with artist Nathan Jurevicius! Since then, we've continued to hold DIY workshops seasonally, partnered with the Art Gallery of Ontario, and worked with guest artists including Gary Taxali, Nathan Jurevicius, Sonja Ahlers, Michael Comeau, Monster Factory, Crywolf, WeKillYou, Nicholas Di Genova, Alexandra Mackenzie, Steven Charles Manale, Aaron Leighton, Melinda Josie, Mango Peeler, Wowee Zonk, Atilla Adorjany, Thadeus Maximus, Diego Bergia, and more.

A DIY figure is more than just a toy, it's a creative phenomenon!
Many of today's greatest and most sought-after toy artists (such as Huck Gee) began creating with blank DIYs. The DIY toy is designed to inspire you, channel your creativity, and challenge you to imagine and create designs on a three-dimensional surface. Blank DIY toys have long been a Magic Pony favourite for kids and adults in creating their own customized toy.

What's a DIY Workshop?
Our DIY Workshops are fun, hands-on, all-ages events that inspire and summon the inner artist out of you! Each participant creates their own toy character using art supplies of their choice.

Treating the figure as a blank canvas, the magic is in your hands to do whatever you want with it! Paint it, draw on it, sticker it, carve into it, dress it, build onto it… the possibilities are endless. Each toy includes a mystery accessory, which can also be customized. Through this super fun workshop of do-it-yourself toy decorating, explore the possibilities of self-expression while having a blast!

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