Vanessa Brown "Ouroborous Holding the Moon"



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Vanessa Brown
Ouroborous Holding the Moon
Steel, paint
24 x 21 x 9 3/4 in.

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• This is an original piece from the group exhibition Moon Room at Narwhal Projects, Toronto.
• Due to the handling required for this piece, it is not eligible for Free Shipping offer.

About Vanessa Brown
Vanessa Brown is a Vancouver-based artist who works predominantly in sculpture. She graduated with a BFA from Emily Carr University in 2013 and was the recipient of the Chancellor’s Award. She has exhibited in Montreal, Vancouver and Berlin. As a female sculptor she is invested in the history of 20th century sculpture and particularly in re-examining the heroic, the monumental, and the macho. She works predominantly in steel and seeks to parse the space between its associations with industry, weaponry and brutality, with its more subtle qualities such as pliability, versatility and slightness. By turning toward the intimate possibilities within sculpture, she hopes to open a space wherein a conversation about poetics and semiotics can take place alongside of the material and visceral experience of the work.

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