The Dazzle: A Cabinet of Wonder


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The Dazzle A Cabinet of Wonder is a study and celebration of collection fetishism. Collaborating with over thirty different artists and assemblers, Narwhal presents a cabinet of wonders that reveals the mysteries of the world through an installation of enigmatic treasures. Inspired by early 17th century Wunderkammers, The Dazzle exists as a microcosm of our world, capturing diverse specimens from a wide array of studies including natural history, geology, mathematics, archeology, magic and mythology. Mirroring early explorers who used the Wunderkammer to showcase worldly discoveries from distant lands, The Dazzle unearths artist creations fabricated through internal mind mapping, resulting in an awe inspiring collection of the bizarre.

Contributing artists include Stephen Appleby-Barr, Joe Becker, Katie Bethune-Leamen, Rory Dean, Nicholas DiGenova, Shannon Gerard, Katy Horan, Melinda Josie, Adrienne Kammerer, Peggy Kouroumalos, Christy Langer, Ginette Lapalme, Jamiyla Lowe, Derek Mainella, Noel Middleton, Megan McKenzie, Julie Moon, Jennifer Murphy, Jennifer Muskopf, Tibi Tibi Neuspiel, Jessica Polka, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, Jennie Suddick, Carly Waito, Jacob Whibley, Selena Wong, Naomi Yasui and the Wild Unknown.

Over 60 photos & illustrations.
Hardcover. Full colour.
6x8.5" 80 pages.

limited to 1000 copies

See pics from the exhibition here.

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