Pete Fowler Monsterism "Pets & Owners" Set


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From Pete Fowler, the creator of Monsterism, this is a complete set of "Pets and Owners" Monsterism Vol 4 minifigure set originally released in 2007. All figures come in special cylindrical pet food cans - and both a pet and owner are included! (16 figures in total) See attached image for the overview of these magical figures - like Snuggets and Snelina! - and their backstories. All figures are mint condition in original sealed plastic. 

The majority of Fowler's art is made in a postmodern cartoon style and often revolves around a central narrative and features a recurring set of characters. The "monsters" Fowler creates all reside on "Monsterism Island". Fowler invents extensive back-stories for his characters; each has its own specific traits and levels of "monsterism". Fowler is most known for his designer toys of his characters, which he himself manufactures with his designer toy company Playbeast.

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