Dunny 2009 Series: Gary Taxali 3" Single Figure



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From the Toy Vault:
Rare open blind box from Dunny 2009 minifigure series!

The world’s greatest vinyl canvas is back in an all-new hyper series featuring monochromatic reimaginings from thirteen supremely creative artists with 14 different Dunny variations including androids, sports fanatics, Japanese gangsters, and zombified birds. Each blind boxed, foil wrapped 3-inch grayscale figure features one additional color to make your eyes go pop!

"Chump Dunny" is one of the chase figures in the series, designed by Canadian artist & illustrator Gary Taxali (1/100). Posable arms and swiveling head. Comes with pet accessory and an artist card.

Vinyl minifigure. Approximately 3" tall

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