Touch My Bunny

Work by Sonja Ahlers, Tara Azzopardi,Andrew Brandou, James Jarvis, Nathan Jurevicius, Kozyndan, Pete Fowler, Eric Quebral Andrew Pommier, Hoi-An Tang

March 24 - April 18, 2005

In the spirit of Easter, Magic Pony would like to invite you to a show all about bunnies. Touch My Bunny is a group show that features ten different artists presenting rabbit-art. The exhibit runs Thursday, March 24 to Monday, April 18 & opens March 24 from 7-11PM at the Magic Pony Gallery.

The selected artists presenting work all have a special connection with these cute and gentle creatures . Each artist has chosen to present bunnies in a slightly different way and the exhibit encompasses a mix of original drawings and paintings, prints, embroidery, installation and dolls. The original pagan roots of Easter focused around the bunny as a symbol of life and throughout time that symbol has remained despite the change in meaning behind Easter. Today, bunnies are more popular that ever and seem to be a common theme among many artists. This show examines the growing appearance of rabbits in contemporary artists visual work. When questioned some artists will tell you it's the ears, or the shy and genteel nature of the bunny. Others relate it to childhood or choose to use the bunny in a contrasting nature - cute mixed with a darker side.

Instantly appealing and amusing to observe, Touch My Bunny is a celebration of Spring and good things to come.

Opening Reception:
Thurs March 24th 2005
From 7-11pm

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Selected Artwork

Andrew Brandou

Andrew Brandou

Nathan Jurevicius

Andrew Pommier

Sonja Ahlers

Eric Quebral

Hoi-An Tang

Hoi-An Tang

James Jarvis

Tyler-Clarke Burke

Pete Fowler


Tyler-Clarke Burke