this is not a toy, pharrell williams

This Is Not a Toy
Designer Toys as Contemporary Culture
Feb 7 - May 25, 2014

This Is Not A Toy is the world's first exhibition featuring a collection of contemporary sculptures, figurines and art created by artists including Takashi Murakami, KAWS, FriendsWithYou, Coarse, Michael Lau, Huck Gee, and many more. 

With guest curator Pharrell Williams, the exhibition explores the conceptual toy – a form made solely as an expression of an aesthetic, concept or idea – as an art and design object as well as a contemporary cultural signifier. On display until May 19, visitors dive headfirst into the realm of designer toys as the Design Exchange Exhibition Hall is transformed into a vibrant and whimsical environment, filled with forms ranging from tiny trinkets to enormous free-standing pieces.

Within This Ia Not a Toy, Magic Pony has created Pon Pon Pony Jam, an installation offering perspectives on the appeal and significance of the Designer Toy movement and their role within contemporary art. We focus on six international artists who are pioneers in the world of Designer Toys - James Jarvis (UK), Devilrobots (JP), Nathan Jurevicius (AUS), Pete Fowler (UK), Junko Mizuno (JP) & Michael Lau (HK).  All from different backgrounds, each of these creators has formed a visual philosophy through character creation & an unconventional medium - the art toy. Presented as a series of natural history dioramas, viewers can explore and observe the figures as specimens existing within the habitat of the artists imagination.

Installation Photos


 Takashi Murakami & Pharrell Williams

Pon Pon Pony Jam by Steve Cober & Kristin Weckworth (Magic Pony)

KAWS, Medicom

Junko Mizuno



Michael Lau

Eric So