Kitschy, Gay, and Over in a Second
Team Macho Solo Exhibition

September 25 - October 26, 2008

Opening Reception:
Thurs OSept 25th
Artists will be in attendance
From Sept 25 - Oct 26, 2008

Team Macho, Toronto’s renegade art stars, de antly return to Magic Pony with Kitschy, Gay, and Over in a Second. an exhibition of new paintings, drawings and collage, Team Macho present their most accomplished, mature work to date. comprised of members Micholas Aoki,  Stephen Appleby-Barr, Christopher Buchan, Lauchie Reid and Jacob Whibley, Team Macho focus their collective efforts on developing an art-making practice that contains a highly personal visual rhetoric and vocabulary, brimming with inside jokes and absurdity. in what might appear to be a dysfunctional dynamic, the group thrives upon maintaining a healthy mix of competition, well-meaning antagonism, and gentle hostility toward each other.

Kitschy, Gay, and Over in a Second resurrects beloved subjects with an expanded repertoire of oil, airbrush, resin, collage, lightboxes and typewriter art. Witty vignettes, hilariously inappropriate juxtapositions, inside jokes, détourned ea-market landscapes and subverted narratives collide. Dadaist nonsense, science fantasy, parallel universes, escape artistry, alchemic texts, homoerotic neon wizards, vintage catalogues and books on tape variously provide inspiration. Tragic mistakes are revisited with the return of creations Whiskeyboot and Leunbre. Lush treatments and a re ned approach to mate- rials provide insight into Team Macho’s respect and affection for the seemingly absurd, perverse and tasteless worlds they create. Team Macho have exhibited at Magic Pony since 2005, with Friends 4 Life (June 2005), Team Macho is a Tough Man (May 2006) and Fancy Action Now (2007). Magic Pony published their first monograph in 2007, entitled Fancy Action Now: The Art of Team Macho.

Selected Artwork

Alkyd on canvas, 2008

Perfect Day
Acrylic on panel, 2008

Worst Day
Acrylic on panel, 2008

The Hunter
Acrylic on panel, 2008

Bundle Spectrum
Watercolour, graphite on paper, 2008

The Unbearable Tightness of Peeing
Acrylic on vintage lithograph, 2008

Raise Up You Glasses
Acrylic, airbrush, resin on panel, 2008

The Birchwood Incident
Acrylic on vintage lithograph, 2008
Watercolour, marker on paper, 2008