Lily The Littlest Cannibal

TADO Solo exhibition
Aug 28 - Sept 14, 2008

Magic Pony is pleased to present Lily: The Littlest Cannibal, a special art exhibition and exclusive toy release and signing with acclaimed British artist-duo Tado. Set in a slick, surreal enchanted landscape, Lily: The Littlest Cannibal is filled with smiling mountain peaks, bouncy monster mushrooms, pirate bears, winking faces and drooling fangs. It's an anthropomorphized world: both cute and ferocious, cuddly and vicious. A dynamic interplay of media, the show comprises paintings, drawings and prints, along with wooden sculpture, installation, plush, and two new toy releases.

This exhibition marks the release of Tado's Cannibal Funfair minifigure series and Tulip 10" figure. Presented by Magic Pony, the long-awaited Cannibal Funfair series features 17 three-inch vinyl characters. Ziggy, Piggle, Bearflan and others are all part of Lily's wild and weird gang of forest creatures. Discovered in a mysterious forest, with which she shares a mystical bond, Lily was raised by Tulip the kind-hearted beast, befriended by a magical Moon familiar, and becomes the leader of the Cannibal Funfair monster horde. With her unpredictable feral nature, Lily's instincts often take over, leading to all manners of adventures, good fortune and misfortune. Decked out in warrior mode, Lily's best friend Tulip comes with eight accessories (including saw and screwdriver) and an octopus sidekick. Ready to tear you limb from limb at Lily's command, these covetable cannibals beg the question, "Can't we all be monsters?"

Opening reception:
Thursday, August 28, 2008
Signing from 6-7pm
TADO will be in attendance.


Selected Artwork

March of the Happy Hunters
Limited Edition Print, 2008

Lily and Friends
Wood sculptures, 2008

Cannibal Funfair
Minifigure Series, 2008