The Invisible College

Stephen Appleby-Barr Solo Exhibition
October 29 - November 29, 2009

Emerging artist Stephen Appleby-Barr presents a solo show of portraits at Narwhal Projects. Entitled The Invisible College, this new body of oil paintings explores Appleby-Barr's profound involvement with the merits of portraiture. The Invisible College draws inspiration from an independent organization of philosophers whose purpose was to acquire knowledge through experimental investigation in 16th century Europe. Akin to the guild system, this group practice is exemplified by Hegelian collaboration: the free transfer of thought, expertise and tradition carried out without the establishment of designated facilities or institutional authority. Appleby-Barr explores the state of the personal disassociation with tradition and searches to find a connection with one's self and heritage. Working within a body of meticulously detailed oil portraits, Appleby-Barr conjures clues to uncovering the secrets of his own creation.

About Stephen Appleby-Barr
Continuing with the imagined legacies first constructed in Vesna Sontse (2007) and the esoteric Nortammag Archives(2008), allegoric images depicting varsity, academia, the occult and couture give lineage to an arcane society. Through the deliberate celebrity and obscurement of each character, Appleby-Barr speculates on the traditions of metaphorical, social and personal history.

Opening reception: 
Thursday, October 29th 7-10pm
Artist will be in attendance

Selected Artwork