Rookie Yearbook Two Book Launch, Readings & Halloween Dance Party with special guests Tavi Gevinson, Sheila Heti & Rookie Contributors

Join us at Magic Pony on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at 6pm for an exclusive talk hosted by Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson and Sheila Heti; author of How Should a Person Be?. This intimate Q&A will be followed by readings by Rookie contributors Petra Collins, Anna Fitzpatrick and Marie Lodi and a Rookie book signing.

At 8pm Magic Pony will transform into a slimy, sparkly paradise with art installations by Ginette Lapalme, Kendra Yee and the Magic Pony Pals kicking off our second Rookie Halloween Dance Party! Celebrate Rookie's sophomore year with us as we dress up and dance the night away with guest Rookie DJs, the Collins sisters, a spooktacular magic cake by Corey Moranis and delicious treats from Gloryhole Doughnuts.

Saturday, Oct 26th, 2013
From 6-8pm:
Tavi Gevinson in conversation with Sheila Heti
Rookie Readings with Petra Collins, Anna Fitzpatrick, Marie Lodi and Lola Pellegrino
Rookie Yearbook Two Book Signing

From 8-10pm:
Halloween Costume + Dance Party
with DJs The Collins Sisters
Art and Food installations by Ginette Lapalme, Corey Moranis, Kendra Yee, and the Magic Pony Pals
Gourmet Treats by Gloryhole Doughnuts

Guests & Contributors

In 2011, when Tavi was 15, she launched, a website for girls like her: teenagers who are interested in fashion and beauty but also in dissecting the culture around them through a uniquely teen-girl lens. Rookie broke 1 million page views within its first six days. Lady Gaga called her “the future of journalism” Tavi’s charming intellect shines in Rookie, arguably the most intelligent magazine ever made for a teen-girl audience. She writes with a humble but keen authority on such serious topics as body image, self-esteem, and first encounters with street harassment.To date, Tavi has written for Harper’s Bazaar, Jezebel, Lula, and Pop, and is a contributing editor for GARAGE magazine. She has been profiled in theNew York Times and The New Yorker, and has been on the cover of POP, L’Officiel, Zeit Magazin, and BUST. As a speaker, she has made numerous presentations at venues such as IdeaCity, TEDxTeen, L2 Forum, and the Economist World in 2012 Festival.

Sheila Heti recently published the novel How Should a Person Be? which was nominated for The Women’s Prize for Fiction (formerly The Orange Prize) and named a Best Book of the Year by The New York Times Book Review, The New Yorker, Salon and other places. She lives in Toronto and is the author of four other books of fiction and non-fiction, and one book for kids. She has written for The London Review of Books, n+1, Harper's and more, and works as Interviews Editor at The Believer magazine. She frequently collaborates with other artists and writers.

Anna Fitzpatrick is a Toronto-based writer/bookseller. Her contributions have appeared in WORN Fashion Journal (for which she is the web editor), the Hairpin, Shameless Magazine and she is a frequent contributor to Rookie. One time, she sat next to John Stamos on a plane, and he told her she was pretty.

Lola Pellegrino is a Rookie writer who was born on the same day as Dolly Parton and Edgar Allan Poe and now serves Rx realness as a Brooklyn-based nurse practitioner. She is passionate about driving very fast and the triumph of good over evil. Invoke her at

Marie Lodi is a writer and supa dupa fly girl in Los Angeles. She is obsessed with vintage clothes, bad movies, and the supernatural, collects thing in the shape of corn and vintage Lisa Frank stickers, and can turn anything into a hat. She frequently contributes to Rookie. Come stalk her at

Petra Collins is a photographer and visual artist currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. She regularly creates editorial content for Rookie. More of Petra's projects can be found at

Ginette Lapalme is a Toronto-based visual artist and publisher. using cartoon style drawing techniques, camp craft aesthetics and a vivid confetti filled palette, Ginette creates portals to strange psychedelic moments where reality and fantasy meld into a singular universe. Ginette Lapalme is a graduate of the OCADU Illustration program, and a founding member of the art collective Wowee Zonk. She exhibits her work with Magic Pony and created the infamous 'Cootie Catcher' in Rookie Yearbook 2.

Kendra Yee is a 17-year-old alien dreamer who lives in Toronto. Her head is in the clouds and her hands are stained with ink. She never leaves the house without a sketchbook. She likes to post her drawings and musings on and her comics and illustrations appear regularly in Rookie.

Corey Moranis is a Toronto based artist and baker who creates otherworldly magical cakes. She will be creating a special cake for the Rookie 2 party. More about Corey at

The Magic Pony Pals are Kristin Weckworth, Steve Cober, Inez Genereux, Linda Columbus, Jackie Musai and Noel Middleton. Combining their unicorn powers into one mighty spell, they create magical ponylands for your imagination. To learn more about us visit Magic Pony and Narwhal Projects.

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