The Art of Plush Group Exhibition

Dec 2, 2004 - Jan 2, 2005

Plushtastrophe celebrates the art of Plush with over a hundred hand-made, one of a-kind creations created by over sixty international artists including Apak, FriendsWithYou, Saelee Oh, Shawnimals, Furilla, Souther Salazar and Uglydolls. Each soft sculpture has it’s own form, personality, and design with one common thread pulling them all together - these creations are plush!

Plushtastrophe originated in Portland with artist/curator Bwana Spoons, who explains the inspiration:

 "When I feel a plushy in my hands and hold it close to my heart, I feel warm inside. That is why I must do the Plushtastrophe! The big question is - What is plush? I don't think there is a clear definition, however, there are a few telltale signs of a good plush: it is usually a bit soft, sometimes furry, maybe has an eye or two and some kind of appendage. Plushtastrophe is a gathering of a few of my favorite designers, illustrators, and plush makers from places near and far. When all is said and done there will be upwards of 100 fancy fabric critters for your pleasure and mine."

Join us at Magic Pony and enter a supercute, plushy gallery experience that can only be described as a Plushtastrophe! For the Toronto incarnation, Magic Pony is proud to welcome five emerging Canadian artists to the exhibition: Tara Azzopardi, Sonja Ahlers, Monster Farms, Seth Scriver, and Tania Sanhueza.

Opening Reception:
Dec 2nd, 6-10 pm.
Canadian artists will be in attendance

For additional information or artwork availability, please contact us: 

Participating Artists:

Tara Azzopardi / Sonja Ahlers / Monster Farms / Seth Scriver / Tania Sanhueza / Caroline Hwang / Amy Marks / Miriam / Brian Flynn / Dora Drimalas / Jason Sturgill / Soft Baked Goods / Bwana Spoons / Saelee Oh / Koji Harmon / Hazel Mandujano / Uglydolls / Sun-Min / Shawnimals / Furilla / Jen Rarey / Jill Bliss / Wonder Farms / Anthony Lecy-Siewert / Jing and Mark / Kate Sutton / Friends With You / Souther Salazar / Lark Pien and Jane Pien / Mumbleboy / Mark Nagata / Trish Grantham / Heather Q / Ian Lynam / Adam Arnold / Lisa De John / Nicole Mueller / Marc Willwerth / Katie Aaberg / Brent Johnson / Molly Anderson / Midori / Abby Dansiger / Wesley Younie / Chris Hutchinson / Mark Giglio / Adamar / Cupco / Apak / Koadzn / Gonzo / Scatha G. Allison / NoMe / Jayme Yen / Ciriaco Sayco / Antoi Celes / Mikas Mogo / pushpurix / Mark Arcenal / Greg "Pnut" Galinsky / Courtney Ryals / Silver Warner 

Selected artwork

plushtastrophe exhibition magic pony
plushtastrophe exhibition magic pony
plushtastrophe exhibition magic pony
plushtastrophe exhibition magic pony
plushtastrophe exhibition magic pony
plushtastrophe exhibition magic pony