Platonic Material Plane
Noel Middleton

upArt Art Fair , Nuit Blanche, Gladstone Hotel
Oct 2 - 5, 2008

Each year, preternatural influences have arranged the overlapping of pilgrimages to Cormac. Each alike, the groups congregate to observe the path and influence of the Sun. Some closely follow the procession of the equinoxes, while others lay in its warmth. With an intent fixed look, some claim to see their reflection drawn with twelve primitive particles, similarly on their own paths of unknown influences.

Noel Middleton's Platonic Material Plane was conceived over several pilgrimages and denotes the more fundamental connections shared between groups, their interpretations and sense of direction guided by the visible Sun. From within the twelve sided chamber a new connection is made, away from the distraction of light. Platonic Material Plane 'Sectional Dodecahedron' and figures are made from reclaimed Northern White-Cedar, found and collected materials.

Noel Middleton is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary artist who works in sculpture, installation, photography and video. Using natural, found and collected materials, Middleton creates pieces that bridge experiences of reclusion and fantasy with themes of social and economic deprivation.

Running concurrently with Toronto’s Nuit Banche, the upArt Art Fair will transform the entire second floor of the Gladstone hotel with site specific installations produced specifically for this event and reflecting the diversity of contemporary art practices. upArt 2008 presents artists, galleries and curated projects.

Selected Artwork

noel middleton at magic pony art installation
noel middleton at magic pony art installation
noel middleton at magic pony art installation