Nicoletta Ceccoli Solo Exhibition

November 7 - 30 2007

Magic Pony is pleased to present a solo exhibition with Italian painter, Nicoletta Ceccoli. INFLORESCENCE showcases a stunning bouquet of exquisite girls interacting with the flora and fauna that surrounds them. Painted in acrylic on paper, each work is meticulously crafted with a seamless technique where brush stokes disappear and each image floats within it's own dreamlike haze. This exhibition marks Nicoletta's first solo exhibition in North America. INFLORESCENCE runs from November 6-30. The opening reception is Friday November 9 from 6-9pm.

INFLORESCENCE introduces an eerie dreamworld where angelic winged beings float through isolated worlds, interacting only with the mystic landscape that surrounds them. At times it is unclear where human and nature separate. Flowers grow into delicate girls, bees eye the blossoming creatures with hunger, wings sprout from gentle backbones giving flight. Through the allure there is an isolation and sadness of an unrequited fantasy not yet realized. A beautiful nightmare where girls and insects intertwine in perfect harmony.

Nicoletta Ceccoli (San Marino, Italy) began her career illustrating children's books and has garnered great demand for her allegorical, luminous, dream-like paintings. In 2001, Nicoletta was awarded the Andersen prize as best Italian illustrator of the year. She is also a three-time recipient of the "award of exellence" from Communication Arts. In 2006 she received the silver medal from Society of Illustrators (New York). Her influences range from Polish illustration, classic American comic artists and Russian animation.

INFLORESCENCE is Ceccoli's second exhibition with Magic Pony. She previously exhibited in the 2006 "Give a Little" holiday exhibition. INFLORESCENCE is Ceccoli's solo debut in North America.

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