Nathan Jurevicius Solo Exhibition

May 15 - Jun 31, 2008

Internationally renowned artist, toy designer and illustrator Nathan Jurevicius returns to Magic Pony with Reformation, his first North American solo exhibition in four years. Featuring a variety of media, this exhibition includes a series of vividly hued ink and watercolour drawings, animations, large-scale sculptural installations and a print edition. Nathan has also produced a limited edition bronze owl sculpture, exclusive to Magic Pony. While his career thus far has spanned both commercial design and fine art, Reformation reflects a deeper engagement with his artistic process and materials, while simultaneously demonstrating a highly imaginative, philosophical approach to storytelling.

Part of the first wave of Western vinyl toy designers, Nathan has created over 60 different characters. His most acclaimed project to date is Scarygirl, a character that since 2001 has developed an underground fan following. Manifested in comics, limited edition vinyl toy figures, specialty products and internationally exhibited artwork, Scarygirl is the cute but slightly odd little girl who was abandoned and then adopted by a friendly octopus and a mystic rabbit. A vision of psychedelic colours, surreal landscapes and personal discovery, Scarygirl recalls the fables and folklore of our shared cultural memory.

Reformation revolves around weighty themes of religion and spirituality, drawing specific reference to Eastern European folktales. Stemming from his Lithuanian background and personal religious upbringing, Nathan uses Scarygirl as an alter-ego to explore the internal and external forces that manipulate, convince and challenge us. Taking the viewer through Scarygirl's introduction into and initial acceptance of organized religion, we witness the inevitable existential questioning of faith and morality.


Selected Artwork

Reformation Window Installation
Magic Pony, 2008

Reformation Window Installation
Magic Pony, 2008


Preacher,  Ink on paper, 2008


 Salvation, Ink on paper, 2008


Confirmation, Ink on paper, 2008


Coronation, Ink on paper, 2008


Still from Reformation animation, Magic Pony 2008


Conviction,  Ink on paper, 2008


Giltine  Ink on paper, 2008


Interrogation Room,  Ink on paper, 2008