Book Signing & Exhibition

Aug 9, 2012

Opening reception:
Thursday, August 9th, 7 - 10pm

Magic Pony is proud to welcome Michael Comeau for a book signing and art exhibition in celebration of his award-winning comic book Hellberta!
The graphic series pits Canada's greatest superhero, Wolverine, against Stephen Harper in a quest for revenge that takes you through the ravaged land of Hellberta. In a pastiche of political satire and exploitation films, Comeau has created an insightful and hilarious exploration of the Canadian condition. Jeet Heer, of the Doug Wright Awards, described Hellberta as:

"Many things — a pastiche of superhero comic, a political satire, a post-apocalyptic fable – all melded together to form a single nightmarish vision. Michael Comeau brings to this tradition an energetic line, a fertile imagination, and the courage to put his most outrageous ideas on paper."

Please join us on Thursday, August 9th from 7-10pm for the opening reception. Comeau will be signing the new Hellberta #2, published by Colour Code Printing. Magic Pony gallery will also host a mind-bending selection of Comeau's recent graphic collages and installations. Better be there, bub!

About Michael Comeau

Michael Comeau is an award-winning print artist, activist, educator and entrepreneur whose art has lined Toronto streets for events like Vazaleen, Hump Day Bump, and Kung Fu Fridays for over 10 years. Comeau has played many roles in the Canadian art community – as co-founder of the Penny Arcade Low Art Print Shoppe and Gallery in Kensington Market, the director for the Cut and Paste Zine Fair, publisher of the Regal Beast art anthologies and an active member of the Punch Clock Print Collective. He has been an advocate for the local community for public art in against Toronto's attempt to ban postering. 

His recent activities include the The Imperial 6 exhibition at The MacLaren Art Centre, teaching at the AGO and as a primary contributor to the posthumous retrospective of Toronto artist Will Munro, entitled History, Glamour, Magic at the Art Gallery of York University.

Selected Artwork