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Magic Pony Super Camp

Creative Art Camp
for Kids Ages 6-12

Dedicated to cultivating and stimulating creative and curious young minds, Magic Pony conceived and executed a highly-attended week-long children’s program: SuperCamp. Set within Magic Pony’s gallery where youth were immersed in a true contemporary art environment, each day balanced the development of creative skills with fun and play. Young campers who love video games, cartoons or action figures learned how their favourite characters were created, and how to create their own! From conception to construction, including designing costumes, toys, comics and accessories, the ins and outs, tips and tricks of making their very own, memorable characters allowed the talent of every super camper to shine.

Magic Pony collaborated with the award-nominated artist collective, Wowee Zonk, and featured special guest appearances each day by local designers such as Steve Manale (OWL Kids & Chickadee Magazine). Campers were given the insight, knowledge, and hands-on experience to create their own unique character-based toys, which were proudly exhibited in the gallery at the end of the program.

Selected Photos