Lovebot Designer Toy Launch
With Matthew Del Degan

Magic Pony DX
The Design Exchange, Toronto
April 23, 6:30-9:30pm

The LOVEBOT INVASION lands at Magic Pony DX on April 23rd, 2014. In celebration of the Torontowide art project to spread love and kindness initiated by Del Degan in 2012, Magic Pony presents the first ever Lovebot Designer Toy - a special collaboration between Lovebot, Magic Pony and The Design Exchange. 

In celebration of the "This Is Not a Toy" designer toy exhibition, each Lovebot has been created in a beautiful teal and pink colourway. This Lovebot release is limited to 30 individual 5" figures, each accompanied in handmade boxes with signed & numbered certificates. Come share the Love!

What is The Robot Love Invasion?
Led by designer and Lovebot creator Matthew Del Degan, The Robot Love Invasion is a Canadian-based art movement to share love and kindness. In August 2013, with a group of over 30 volunteers, Del Degan created an loveing army of 100+ 250 lb child-sized Lovebot statues. Each concrete monument acts as a catalyst to share love and kindness, and honours individuals or organizations that have made Toronto a better place. Lovebots and their corresponding stories can be discovered on

The Love Invasion was featured on the cover of the Toronto Star and has garnered further attention from major networks including Global, CBC, Space Network, MTV and CTV National, as well as numerous design publications, radio stations, newspapers and blogs. This project has spawned The Global Love Invasion movement now lead by Del Degan and his charitable initiative the Lovebot Leaders. The Global Love Invasion consists of people from all over the world contributing to love and kindness in their communities.

Selected Artwork

lovebot at magic pony
lovebot toy launch at magic pony design exchange toronto