LEPOS : The Primary Invasion
Book Launch & Exhibition

Nov 11 - 14, 2010

Opening reception:
Thursday, November 11,7 - 10pm 

Magic Pony and Koyama Press present LEPOS : THE PRIMARY INVASION, a book launch and show.In 1995 Koyama Games built a prototype arcade machine that never went into full production. The 32-bit Lepos side-scroller was made strictly for promotional purposes, this demo has never been made public... Until now. On November 11th, Magic Pony will unveil a lost arcade classic. Displayed on loan for three days will be the original arcade cabinet along with a game demo, dead stock fliers and a special series of level artwork.Finally, to coincide with this event is the launch of Diego Bergia's Lepos Bible A 65 page book documenting the entire project's history from street-art to video games.

The LEPOS Bible follows Diego Bergia’s worldwide street art project that began back in 2004. The 66 page pocket sized book is packed with street photos, testimonials, writings, comics, sketches and jail stories. Also included is a detailed documentation of the making of the LEPOS arcade game, a video game demo that would have taken over the world if it was ever made. With a forward by street art aficionados the Wooster Collective, this book shines light on how and what it takes to single-handedly create an urban viral marketing campaign.4x5 inches, 66 pages, b&w and colour, embossed gold softcover.

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