Here are some of the ways we share our experiences and love for the creative spirit with the Toronto art community.

Business for the Creative Mind


Drawing upon two decades of experience in the advertising & design industries and as a Creative Entrepreneur, Magic Pony co-founder Steven Cober leads 3rd & 4th year undergraduate students through an introduction to creative entrepreneurial activity. This a 12 week semester course offered at OCADU, the largest and most comprehensive art, design and media university in Canada.

Kristin Weckworth @ Design Exchange

COOL AND COLLECTED, a fascinating DX Talk dedicated to the art of collecting. Enjoy Magic Pony co-founder & gallerist Kristin Weckworth, curator John Wee Tom, collector Cody Cochrane, gallerist Daniel Faria, designer Joyce Lo and artist Micah Lexier, deliver rapid-fire presentations on the art of collecting everything from rare Americana finds and oddball furnishings to art toys to tiny curiosities and contemporary art.

Magic Pony co-founder Kristin Weckworth spoke about her lifelong passion for collecting and how it came to inform her career as a curator and culture-creator.

Magic Pony Studio featuring guest artists

Since Magic Pony first opened our doors, we've been passionate about sharing our love for creating. Our do-it-yourself (DIY) workshops have been a long-standing tradition at Magic Pony - our first party dates back to 2005 with our DIY jellyfish workshop with artist Nathan Jurevicius!

Since then, we've continued to hold DIY workshops seasonally, partnered with the Art Gallery of Ontario, and worked with guest creators including Sonja Ahlers, Michael Comeau, Crywolf, Nicholas Di Genova, Alexandra Mackenzie, Melinda Josie, Gary Taxali, Mango Peeler, Monster Factory, Wowee Zonk, WeKillYou, Thadeus Maximus, Andrew Remington Bailey, Diego Bergia, and more.

Our DIY Workshops are fun, hands-on, all-ages events that inspire and summon the inner artist out of you! Each participant creates their own toy character using art supplies of their choice. Treating the figure as a blank canvas, the magic is in your hands to do whatever you want with it! Paint it, draw on it, sticker it, carve into it, dress it, build onto it… the possibilities are endless. Each toy includes a mystery accessory, which can also be customized. Through this super fun workshop of do-it-yourself toy decorating, explore the possibilities of self-expression while having a blast!

Magic Pony Studio / ARTiculations / AGO

Make Art a part of your Life! Magic Pony can teach you! As an extension of our DIY classes, we've also partnered with both the AGO Weston Learning Centre and Articulations art space to help aspiring artists learn basic silkscreening techniques. Classes include lessons on how to make screen positives, coat and shoot silk screens and hand-printing with the end goal of being able to make use of some these techniques in a home studio.

Magic Pony Super Camp
Creative Art Camp for Kids 6-12

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a superhero, superstar or just plain super? Whatever you dream of being, Magic Pony's Super Camp will have you imagining, making, and exhibiting your very own character creations!

Led by the award-nominated artist collective Wowee Zonk with guest appearances by Toronto designers, each full-day of our five day program balances the development of creative skills with fun and play to ensure a rounded, enjoyable and safe experience. Set within Magic Pony, Toronto's premiere space for young contemporary art, campers will be immersed in a real gallery environment where, at the end of camp, they will exhibit and wear their own incredible creations!