Super Spooky Halloween
DIY Toy Workshop

Oct 19 - 21, 2010

Magic Pony presents Halloween DIY Toy Workshops. Get spooky with Magic Pony and join us for a night of creative magic at our toy decorating parties. We will be throwing three nights of fun in these hands-on, all ages customizing workshops. Grab your favourite art supplies and get ready to make a scary masterpiece!

Blank DIY Munny toys have long been a Magic Pony favourite for kids and adults alike in creating their own customized toy. Treating the figure as a blank canvas, the power is in your hands to do whatever you want with it! Paint it, draw on it, sticker it, carve into it, dress it, build onto it...the possibilities are endless! Each toy includes a mystery accessory, which can also be customized. We will have Halloween related art supplies and materials, such as Glow in the Dark paint, cobwebs, spiders, googley eyes, etc. for you to create the most amazing toy ever. You could treat your DIY toy like a pumpkin and turn it into a Jack-o-lantern, or you could even use your decorated toy as part of your Halloween costume!

Guest artists WeKillYou, Thadeus Maximus, Diego Bergia (Creator of the upcoming LEPOS book) and more will also share their inspiration on character creation, while offering instruction, assistance and feedback. Each participant in the workshop will create their own toy character using art supplies of their choice.

Through this super fun and spoooooky night of Do-It -Yourself toy decorating, explore the possibilities of self-expression while having a blast!

Check out examples of decorated Munny toys from KidRobot's recent mini Munny Custom contest!

Event Date:
Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
Thursday, October 21th, 2010
6 - 8pm 

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