Fait Dodo Peanutte
Ginette Lapalme Solo Exhibition

Oct 11 - 31, 2013

Opening reception:
Friday, October 11th, 7-10pm
Artist will be in attendance

fait dodo peanutte
ta mere est partie aux noces<
elle va t'apporter une grosse catin
grosse comme la tete de ton p'tit chien 

(go to sleep peanutte
your mother is gone to a wedding
she will bring back for you, a big doll
as big as the head on your little dog)

Fait Dodo Peanutte is a lullaby that was sung to Ginette Lapalme as a small child. It tells the story of a tiny peanutte who has to stay home from a soiree because she is too young to attend. Peanutte is lulled to sleep and is transported to a bizarre land of festivities deep within her brain-stem. Through this subconscious journey, peanutte experiences a kaleidoscope of celebration scenes, party favours and guests, some inviting, some confusing, all contributing to an overwhelming mix of the real and imagined, the desired and the feared. Exploring themes of introversion, loneliness, childhood and fantasy, Fait Dodo Peanutteis a reflection of the secret hopes and terrors we experience through our dreams and waking life. 

About Ginette Lapalme
Ginette Lapalme is a Toronto-based visual artist and publisher. Through drawing, painting, sculpture and crafting, Ginette creates imaginary worlds and immersive environments filled with distinctively bizarre creatures and subversive humour. Influenced by the animation and comics culture of her childhood, Ginette uses cartoon style drawing techniques, camp craft aesthetics and a vivid confetti filled palette, creating portals to strange psychedelic moments where reality and fantasy meld into a singular universe. Ginette Lapalme is a graduate of the OCADU Illustration program, and a founding member of the art collective Wowee Zonk. This is her first solo exhibition at Magic Pony.

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