Dunny Evolved Launch & Trading Party

Frank Kozik, Kronk, Huck Gee, McBess, and Scott Tolleson
October 10th, 2013

Magic Pony is hosting a release and trading party on THURSDAY OCT 10th at 6pm to kick off the launch of the inaugural Dunny Evolved 3" Minifigure series. Be the first to collect Kidrobot’s brand new Dunny series and trade your Simpsons, Street Fighter and Marvel toys with other collectors!

Dunny is, was, and always will be. The Dunny Evolved Series features five artists - Frank Kozik, Kronk, Huck Gee, McBess, and Scott Tolleson - tackling the theory of Dunny evolution. Each artist delivers a series of 3 dunny designs, making 15 newly evolved figures.

Trading parties are the perfect way to swap and collect the entire series with other fans. You don't want to miss out on this chance to trade for that Dunny you've been eyeing! Don't worry, trading parties are not limited to just Dunnys! You can bring lots of items with you to trade with other toy fans during the event, such as custom Munnys, original drawings, promotional items, and vinyl toys like Labbits, Jibibuts, Unicornos, Aztecas, Simpsons and Futurama figures, Munkos--you name it!

Dunny Evolved Photos

Scott Tolleson

Huck Gee

Frank Kozik