Dunny Series 5 Launch & Trading Party

Frank Kozik, Huck Gee, Junko Mizuno, Mischka NYC, Jesse LeDoux, Devilrobots and more
Sept 3, 2008

Start the countdown! The epic legend of the world's greatest vinyl canvas continues with the release of Dunny Series 5! Collect 19 new and insanely detailed designs by the biggest players out there. If luck is on your side, you'll find 1 of 600 Golden Tickets, redeemable for an exclusive 3-inch Huck Gee.

Join Magic Pony on Wednesday, September 3rd from 6-8pm for an exclusive pre-release opportunity! Be the first to get your hands on this highly anticipated series and swap with the other dunny collectors to get the full set. Full sealed cases will be available, along with cool KidRobot giveaways and prizes! When: Wednesday, September 3rd 6pm to 8pm


Selected Photos