Dunny 2013 Toy Launch & Trading Party

With Guest Artist Nathan Jurevicius

June 15, 2013

Trading event:
Saturday, June 15th
From 4 - 6pm

Magic Pony is hosting a release and trading party on Saturday, June 15th, at 4pm to kick off the launch of this year’s annual Dunny set. Be the first to collect Kidrobot’s brand new series, Dunny 2013!

Dunny 2013 features incredible designs from Andrew Bell, Jeremyville, Julie West, Mishka, DGPH, Nathan Jurevicius, Scribe, Okkle, Chairman Ting, Jon Paul Kaiser, Sergio Mancini, Scott Tolleson, Cris Rose and Ardabus Rubber. You can buy Dunny 2013 figures in individual blind boxes, or in a case of 20 assorted Dunny 2013 figures. When you buy a case, you’ll be one of the lucky few to receive both the 3″ case exclusive Dunny AND a limited edition Dievas Dunny art print by Nathan Jurevicius. You might remember the Dievas 8″ Dunny as one of the most sought after, innovative Dunnys of 2011.

Special Guest Nathan Jurevicius:
Fresh from his signing at Kidrobot NYC, our special Dunny 2013 guest is toy designer/artist extraordinaire Nathan Jurevicius! If you find his Dunny, he’ll be on hand to customize your new toy!

If that’s not cool enough, every customer that purchases a full case of Dunny 2013 will be entered into a raffle to win an ultra-rare gorgeous screen print by Nathan Jurevicius. This 4 color owl skull print is one of 10 artist proofs, signed by the artist, on 100lb black french paper.

About Trading Parties:
Trading parties are the perfect way to swap and collect the entire Dunny 2012 series with other fans. You don't want to miss out on this chance to trade for that Dunny you've been eyeing!

Don't worry, trading parties are not limited to just Dunnys! You can bring lots of items with you to trade with other toy fans during the event, such as custom Munnys, original drawings, promotional items, and vinyl toys like Labbits, Jibibuts, Unicornos, Aztecas, Simpsons and Futurama figures – you name it!

About Nathan Jurevicius:
Nathan Jurecivius is the creator of Scarygirl and Peleda, who come alive through designer toys, animation, online games, graphic novels and artwork. As a toy designer, Jurevicius has collaborated with Kidrobot on many toys including the Dievas 8″ Dunny, Misko, Scarygirl Swamp Folk and City Folk figures, as well as creating Peleda and Owlets with Toy Tokyo and limited edition figures with Toy2R, Strangeco and Medicom Japan. Nathan has spoken at design conferences FITC, InPlay, AGIdeas, Pictoplasma and recently celebrated his 10 year Scarygirl anniversary with a curated exhibition of over 100 artists at Toy Tokyo in NYC. He has been collaborating with Magic Pony on numerous products and exhibitionsForests Have Feelings Too (Aug 2004), Reformation (2008) and A Clear Blazing Fire (2013). 

Selected Artwork

The Dievas 8″ Dunny & Dievas Dunny art print by Nathan Jurevicius
Peleda Mask Silkscreen Print by Nathan Jurevicius
4-Color Screen Print on 100lbs Black Fine Art Paper