Dunny 2010 Series Launch & Trading Party
Featuring Amanda Visell, Aya Kakeda, Doktor A, Frank Kozik, Huck Gee, Sket One and more

Aug 19, 2010

Magic Pony presents DUNNY 2010 BOOM!. The world's greatest vinyl canvas is back in an all-new series featuring reimaginings from nineteen amazingly creative artists. With 21 different Dunny variations - including wizards, sports fanatics, martial artists, BFFs, cholos, and condiments - this is our most exciting series yet!

Each blind boxed 3-inch figure comes with a trading card and some include accessories. You'll spread the news if you're keen as mustard and nab a super rare 3- inch by Sket One - something to truly relish! Created by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz and illustrator Tristan Eaton, Dunny is Kidrobot's most popular platform toy and has been customized in various styles by a diverse range artists working in different disciplines. Limited edition prizes will be part of the launch party!

Artists in this series include Amanda Visell, Aya Kakeda, CW, Damarak the Destroyer, Doktor A, Esther Kim, Frank Kozik, Huck Gee, Jesse Hernandez, MAD, MCA, Michelle Valigura, Shelterbank, Sket One, Sneaky Raccoon, The Beast Brothers, Tizieu, Travis Cain, and Triclops Studio.

Selected Photos