Do-It-Yourself Custom Munny Workshop
Guest Artist Nathan Jurevicius

Sunday, February 10th 2013
From 5-8pm

Join Magic Pony and guest artist Nathan Jurevicius February 10, for an all-ages DIY toy customization workshop featuring Kidrobot 4” Mini Munnys! During this workshop, each attendee will design and create their very own Munny character and matching Valentine! Keep your Munny for your collection, or gift it to your favorite Valentine friend! Decorating materials will be provided, but you are welcome to bring along extra supplies.

• Design your own Mini Munny character
• Make friends with other toy lovers
• Meet guest artist Nathan Jurevicius


Nathan Jurecivius is the creator of Scarygirl and Peleda, who come alive through designer toys, animation, online games, graphic novels and artwork. As a toy designer, Jurevicius has collaborated with Kidrobot on many toys including the Dievas 8″ Dunny, Misko, Scarygirl Swamp Folk and City Folk figures, as well as creating Peleda and Owlets with Toy Tokyo and limited edition figures with Toy2R, Strangeco and Medicom Japan. Nathan has spoken at design conferences FITC, InPlay, AGIdeas, Pictoplasma and recently celebrated his 10 year Scarygirl anniversary with a curated exhibition of over 100 artists at Toy Tokyo in NYC. He has been collaborating with Magic Pony on numerous products and exhibitions Forests Have Feelings Too (Aug 2004), Reformation (2008) and A Clear Blazing Fire (2013).

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Work by Nathan Jurevicius

Peleda (Animated Series)

Peleda(animated Series)
Peleda Treehouse

Scarygirl Swampfolk Figures

Scarygirl Cityfolk Figures

Scarygirl & Bunniguru (Videogame screen)