Character Assassination

Dalek Solo Exhibition
July 21- August 15, 2005

Magic Pony is pleased to announce Daleks Character Assassination, a solo exhibition focussed on Dalek’s trademark Space Monkey and it’s various forms of existence. This enigmatic character has become synonymous with Dalek’s name and exists in a subconscious world of constant action filled with japanese influence, pop colours, mysterious holes and empty word bubbles. This marks Dalek’s first solo show in Canada.

Dalek’s roots as an artist and the birth of the Space Monkey can be found in graffiti. In Character Assassination, Dalek will explore these early roots by combining wall murals with acrylic on vintage aerosol-can boxes. This exhibit will transform the Magic Pony Gallery into a Space Monkey environment allowing viewers to step inside the world this creature inhabits.

Having worked as an assistant to Takashi Murakami in 2001, the influence of Murakami’s Superflat movement becomes extremely evident in Dalek’s recent work. This movement blurs the divide between high and low art and recognizes mass produced items as a valid art form. Dalek has developed his Space Monkey character in a multi-disciplinary fashion which has taken shape as paintings, art figures, books, silkscreens and housewares. In order to explore this art form more thoroughly Magic Pony will showcase a full range of Dalek’s products as part of the exhibit.

Opening reception:
July 21 from 7-11pm
Artist signing from 7-9pm
Runs July 21- August 15

Selected Artwork