Comics Vs Games

MAGIC PONY / APRIL 29 - MAY 3, 2012
Magic Pony presents Comics vs Games - a showcase of five newly developed videogames and videogame art exhibition. Inspired by the artxgame projects in Los Angeles and San Francisco, TIFF Nexus’ Comics vs Games creative jam, led by Toronto's Hand Eye Society, has developed five inspiring game collaborations between nationally and internationally renowned independent comic and game creators. Each team is made up of one comic creator and one indie game developer, and the results are highly polished, multiplayer, jam-scale games, available to all visitors to play for free.

Black Church : By Andy Belanger & Droqen
Cumulo Nimbus : By John Martz & Farb
We’re No Angels : By Steve Manale and Jamie Fristrom
Yawhg : By Emily Carroll & Damian Sommer
The Mysterious Aphroditus : By Christine Love & Kyla Vanderklugt

We are also showcasing the new unreleased version of Daniel Benmergui’s IGF Nuovo Award winner Storyteller, a comic/game hybrid, as well as Jason Shiga’s and Andrew Plotkin’s Meanwhile, an interactive comic application for the iPad.


Magic Pony will also be presenting a limited edition series of prints to accompany each game and an exhibition of videogamed themed artwork, curated in partnership with Attract Mode.

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Cumulo Nimbus

By John Martz & Farb

High above the Earth, then a smidgeon higher, a cast of colourful cloud-hoppers hop from cloud to cloud. Skipping ‘twixt rainbows, kites, and companions, they collect the many MacGuffins to unleash a magical joy. Nothing could be finer, were it not for a competitive urge that hides in their little clopper hearts, or the perilous drop to the Earth, far, far below.

The Mysterious Aphroditus
By Christine Love & Kyla Vanderklugt

The Mysterious Aphroditus is the crown jewel of London theatre, capturing the hearts and imagination of audiences across the city. Equally skilled at taking on the role of prince or princess, no one knows the true identity of the epicene idol – but that won’t stop the high and low of Victorian society from battling it out, turn-based style, to win their favour in this sordid tale of petticoats and paramours.

The Yawhg
By Emily Carroll & Damian Sommer

It is six weeks until The Yawhg returns. How will the town’s locals lead their lives in the meanwhile, and what will they do when the dreaded Yawhg finally arrives? The fate of a community hinges on the characters’ actions, and the decisions of their players.

Black Church
By Andy Belanger & Droqen

Heavy Metal Mario meets Pixel Amazing Tetris. As blocks fall to create the Black Church, you must scale it to earn points and beat the other players. Undermining them is an understatement as you work your way up the leader board. From single player to four players, Black Church will make you a devoted disciple!

We’re No Angels
By Steve Manale and Jamie Fristrom

Horrified by the idea of being forced to play nightly private shows by God for all eternity, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Tupac Shakur attempt a daring escape from Heaven. Using special skills and drug powerups, our heroes fight their way through hordes of sword-wielding angel guards in this two player twin stick shooter.