Paul Wackers, Collectors Cabinet
Acrylic and spraypaint on panel. 32 x 28". 2009

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Leon Benn, Tessar Lo, Peter Mettler, Paul Wackers, Jacob Whibley, Megan Whitmarsh

April 1 - May 2, 2010

ATLAS FINDINGS, a group exhibition negotiating new possibilities in modern landscapes.Leon Benn, Jacob Whibley, Megan Whitmarsh, Paul Wackers, Tessar Lo and Peter Mettler offer peripheral views from distant lines, sharing explorations of modern landscapes through painting, collage, embroidery and film. Their constructed environments form six unique visions of the world surrounding us, communicating unique perspectives ranging from joyful optimism, futuristic imaginations, deep introspection, insightful observations and terrifying realities.

Today's landscape serves as a distortion of nature and technology beyond original recognition. As humans we possess the innate need to romanticize nature, to somehow preserve it, save it, call it our own. In the past, the natural world was faithfully recorded, revered and reconstructed with the goal of communicating the sublime. Through the last century this form of landscape depiction has fluctuated in popularity. Paralleling the cultural climate surrounding us, reverence gave way to exploration and discovery, which led to criticism and activism, which in turn led us back to appreciation and new acceptance. We simultaneously embrace the natural world, question our place within it, desperately try to savor it and accept the inevitable destruction brought on by the same hands that so eloquently captured her beauty. The perspectives we take on the environments around us are diverse. We select what we want to focus on, what we want to ignore and what we want to immortalize. With rapid environmental evolutions pushing us forward, pausing to focus, decipher and record constructed landscapes has reached a new level of importance. No longer contained to straightforward interpretations, contemporary landscape artists construct environments both real and imagined allowing our consciousness to rest somewhere between what we know, remember and what may become.

Opening reception:
Thursday, April 1, 2010
Selected artists will be in attendance.

For additional information or artwork availability, please contact us: or 416-861-1684

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Selected Artwork

Leon Benn, Mountain
Oil on canvas, 2008

Leon Benn, Robinson Crusoe
Oil on canvas, 2008

Megan Whitmarsh, Flying Vision Crystal
Embroidery thread on pieced fabric, 2009

Megan Whitmarsh, Sorecerer Yeti
Embroidery thread on pieced fabric, 2009

Jacob Whibley, diagram one (koorilaul)
Ephemera, mixed media, 2009

Jacob Whibley, diagram one (koetis)
Ephemera, mixed media, 2009

Tessar Lo

Tessar Lo, What Little Time We Had
Mixed media on canvas. 30 x 42''. 2010<

Paul Wackers, The Accumulation of Time and Space
Acrylic on panel, 2009

Peter Mettler
"Petropolis" Film Still